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Body to body massage

Body Massage Spa At Hitec City Hyderabad

Have you always wanted a body massage spa in the Hitec City that could cater for all of your therapeutic needs?

Here you have it. The IZSPA massage centre is finally here in the Hitec City of Hyderabad.

TAs a premium spa with a network of sister centres scattered across all of Hyderabad, IZSPA is your best bet when you need to have trained hands working to ease stress, worries and anxiety out of your body.

The Hitec City area no doubt has grown to become one of the most sought-after residential and business areas in Hyderabad. This growth has however reinforced our commitment to offering top-notch massage and spa services to the teeming population of this area.

In case you just aren't aware of the many benefits that a great massage has on the body, massage from professional hands like our trained therapists at Izspa has the potency to relax your muscles and nerves. It would also promote longevity, bring healing to diverse health conditions and also enhance the overall functioning of your body.

If you have ever been to any of our IZSPA centres here in Hyderabad, you would attest to the fact that we are a brand that is committed to offering the best practices in massage and spa services anywhere we are situated.

This is a big part of our brand promise which we are delivering here in the Hitec City also.

Hi-Fi Massage Therapist Hitec City

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Massage Service Price

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Basic Package

₹ 2500 To ₹ 3500
Short Duration
One Session
1 TO 2 Hour Duration

Classic Package

₹ 3500 To ₹ 5000
Short Duration
Two Session
3 TO 5 Hour Duration

Business Package

₹ 5000 To ₹ 8000
Long Duration
Three Session
5 TO 8 Hour Duration

VIP PRO Package

₹ 8000 To ₹ 10,000
Day Duration
Five Session
24 Hour Duration

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IzSpa is a top-rated B2b massage parlour in Hyderabad, we provide VIP massage services around Ameerpet, Madhapur, Kothaguda and the greater Hyderabad. Every massage session is a happy ending session.

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