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What you need after a hard and long day's work is a body to body spa where you can relax, heal and be relieved from stress.

What is Body to body B2b Massage?

Body to body or B2b massage is an erotic type of full body massage. The therapist applies a special massage gel all over her body and uses her body to rub the massage oil to that of her client. Hands are seldom used in this type of massage.
The choice of a client being partially or completely naked must be pre-arranged between the therapist and the client.
Because of the erotic nature of B2b or body to body massage, every part of the body is stimulated and aroused. Unlike other types of full body massage, the genitals and breasts (in the case of females) are touched skillfully and massaged to achieve emotional balance. it is good to note that all body-to-body massage does not involve sexual intercourse. We are aware that sexual stimulation is the objective of this type of massage, therefore discussion with the therapists before any session is highly recommended.
At izspa.org our body-to-body massage therapy is administered by our indigenous professionals, who are highly trained and skilled in the art of erotic massage.
B2b massage helps you achieve total relaxation so that you can achieve the restoration of his/her body, mind and spirit. It is established that body to body massage can help you become conscious of your sensual energies.
It is a cure that helps you resurrect your lost libido.
Administering the B2b massage methods may vary slightly from masseuse to masseuse. Yet we go the extra mile to ensure maximum healing and restoration. As you visit us, be ready to arouse your sensual energies.

The Healing potentials of B2b Massage

Massage Therapy has been used for thousands of years as a healing measure for many emotional and stress-related ailments. IZSPAR Hyderabad has discovered the healing potential of B2b massage and has employed professional masseuses to deliver this ancient therapy to the good people of Hyderabad.

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