Female to Male body to body massage

Female to Male body to body massage

Body To Body Massage Kothaguda

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No matter how busy it gets, we know how to help you calm your nerves, give you pleasure and get you started on the right track each week. If you are looking for that massage centre near Kothaguda that will help you become more productive each week, check out IZSPA Kothaguda.

Erotic Massage Centre near Kothaguda

Have you heard about the gains of erotic massages and want to give it a try? Do you have negative sexual experiences and want a place of emotional healing? Then visit IZSPA's Erotic Massage Centre near Kothaguda now!

Our model therapists are here to help you. During our erotic massage sessions, attention will be paid to your particular needs. Our models will talk to you, touch you with care, help you realize your sexual stamina, help you heal from unhealthy sexual encounters and give you the confidence needed to start a new life of intimacy with your spouse.

Body to body massages is very beneficial to boost libido and improve emotional and mental health by eliminating tension and stress that blocks the flow of blood.

Call in today and enjoy the benefits of our wide range of erotic massage.

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Massage Service Price

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Basic Package

₹ 2500 To ₹ 3500
Short Duration
One Session
1 TO 2 Hour Duration

Classic Package

₹ 3500 To ₹ 5000
Short Duration
Two Session
3 TO 5 Hour Duration

Business Package

₹ 5000 To ₹ 8000
Long Duration
Three Session
5 TO 8 Hour Duration

VIP PRO Package

₹ 8000 To ₹ 10,000
Day Duration
Five Session
24 Hour Duration

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