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Female Spa in Hyderabad

Our spas offer a peaceful environment to soothe your and mind with soft lighting and soothing tones. There is various modern and traditional treatments including royal baths, beauty and services. If you're who is visiting the city of pink, you must try our jet-lag recovery treatment or leg fatigue relief.

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female to female Body spa in Hyderabad

Our female to female body massage "Iz Spa" located in Hyderabad assists you in achieving the most optimal level of convenience, comfort relaxation, and peace of mind. This is of paramount importance since that's the essence of what Spa is all about. We encourage you to engage in the virtues of gentility and apathy. Female to female massage reduces neck pain in the Throat, Depression and High Blood Pressure. Lower-Back Pain and Bowel problems.

male to Male Body spa in Hyderabad

It is easy to feel the immediate effects on your body, mind and your skin at the start to the end of your massage. Because your fitness is not solely yours it also affects your family members too, so be wary of any risky treatment .Take good care and practice deeply massages such as Ruhaan's men-to-men body massages offer.

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Massage Spa in Hyderabad
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Female Spa in Hyderabad
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₹ 2500 To ₹ 3500
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1 TO 2 Hour Duration

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₹ 3500 To ₹ 5000
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Two Session
3 TO 5 Hour Duration

Business Package

₹ 5000 To ₹ 8000
Long Duration
Three Session
5 TO 8 Hour Duration

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₹ 8000 To ₹ 10,000
Day Duration
Five Session
24 Hour Duration

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